Thursday, January 7, 2010

Laurel Denise 2010 Planner

January is here and staying true to my yearly custom, I sought out to find the perfect 2010 planner. I know many of you are crinkling your noses (hubby) at the thought of a planner made of actual paper, but I can’t live without one, I just can’t. Well, I found one, “I Love It” and I got it for under 10 bucks at Borders and here it is.



This 2010 Laurel Denise Yearly Planner is definitely a planner for those who like a good, simple design.  From the typography, to fresh and contemporary layout, it's probably the most beautiful planner I've ever seen. It is super-functional, with handy lists, including perforated shopping notes and lists that you can tear out. It also has inserts to help you manage your schedule on a daily or weekly basis.


Amaris said...

I'm the same way! Paper planners are beter on the eyes, anyway. I have a nice red mini briefcase looking thingy that I refill every year.

Adriana said...

It is so true, the hubby swears by his iPhone, but still forgets to go to work!

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