Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Football Rice Krispies Treat

I’m on such a dessert kick lately. While visiting Disneyland this past weekend I saw a really awesome dessert idea for Super Bowl, a football shaped, chocolate coated Rice Krispies Treat (yummy). I found a football cookie cutter at Sur la Table (my absolutely positively favorite cooking store) and I can’t wait to make and eat these cute little footballs for Super Bowl!

Football Rice Krispies Treat

Football Cookie Cutter


Anonymous said...

As always one good idea after another. Why does this not suprise me? Geez you are so creative and original!


Adriana said...

Thanks Chica, your so sweet, you get two yummy footballs for Super Bowl!

The Hubby said...

Superbowl is fast becoming my favorite holiday...ever since I got married, actually. Luv you, baby!

Adriana said...

Thank you baby, Luv you too!

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