Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Peek-Squeak Monkey

My dad gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card a few months ago and I finally had a chance to do some online shopping. Well, I ended up in the baby toy section and once again I couldn’t help myself, and bought JD something too! This toy monkey is absolutely adorable and I’m hoping (praying) that it will help JD with his teething.

Peek-Squeak Monkey by Manhattan Toy
Barnes & Noble
(with promotional discount)

This stroller-sized pal features a bead ring, crinkle paper, hidden mirror, squeaker, and magnetic banana that encourage a child’s development of fine motor and sensory skills. Peek-Squeak Monkey was named a Babytalk Editor’s Pick for its whimsical design.


Javy G said...

Thats one cool Monkey!!!

Adriana said...

Too cute huh, maybe JD will stop biting you now (I can’t make any promises though)!

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