Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy 8: Quilted Jacket

My search for a winter jacket for JD has ended before it really even begun, yesterday while window shopping (I say this to throw the hubby off) I visited Crazy 8, one of my favorite clothing stores for children and I found the perfect jacket to match JD's winter boots and yes it was on sale;  so I also bought him a warm pair of jersey-lined pants for our trip to Big Bear and a cute football shirt, that I'll have him model on Super Bowl Sunday.

Quilted Jacket
(on sale)

 Jersey-Lined Active Pant
(on sale)


Veronica said...

Ok Adri, all these cute baby boy clothes is getting me all melancholy.'re such a good shopper!!! Love all the deals you find.

Adriana said...

Oh Vero you’re funny, just remember they’re only cute till you have to clean poop off of them!

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