Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sammie's Llama Birthday Party!

Samantha loves animals...all animals, but she has been completely obsessed with Llamas for over a year now.  So for her 4th birthday we decided to have a Llama Party.  The day of her birthday party it rained like crazy, which is not a common occurrence here in Southern California.  We were worried, but thank goodness Grandma works for a local high school and we were able to move the party indoors, and by the time the petting zoo arrived the rain gave us a little break.  Samantha loved her party and even had the pleasure of meeting Tinkerbell the Llama!

Cake and Cookies: Luna's Cakes
Petting Zoo: Nettie's Party Pals
Decor and Backdrop: Quaintly Garcia
Llama Tags: Lily Girl on Etsy

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