Friday, January 8, 2010

JD's Library: Such a Silly Baby!

A few days ago I was reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to JD and I realized that he was no longer trying to eat the book; he was actually looking at the pictures and examining the pages. So, this brings me to one of my many 2010 to-do list items: Build JD, his own home library. JD already has lots of books and I’m always finding new ones to add to his collection, so why not go all out and build him a library (in the next few months), with bookplates and all. In the meantime I will continue to add to his collection, starting with this little gem of a book.

  Such a Silly Baby!
By Steffanie Lorig
and Richard Lorig
Illustrated by Amanda Shepherd

Such a Silly Baby! - Bursting with bright illustrations and a rollicking text, this boisterous book invites readers to hoot, neigh, snort, and giggle along with a very silly baby.

Retail: $15.99
I paid: $6.00
(on eBay, with shipping)


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