Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Toddler Closet

I have a confession to make… the closets in our home are a disaster. If there's something missing at home it’s usually lost in one of our 4 closet!  This past Saturday I decided we really need to organize our closet and I wanted to start with JD’s.  Our home was built in the 50’s and all the closet have heavy wood sliding doors, the kind that never seem to stay on their track.  We don’t typically let JD in his closet because of the doors, but lately he wants to pick his own shoes, clothes, sweater and back pack!  So, I decided to take his closet doors off and make his closet toddler friendly.

I came across some really great ideas online you can see one of them here, which pointed me in the right direction.  I considered using closet storage kits or IKEA bookcases, but unfortunately all the sizes I came across were too tall and a custom size would be very expensive.  I opted instead to do-it-myself.

I drew up some plans and on Saturday JD and I headed to our local Home Depot (they know JD by name now).  With about $77 dollars and 5 hours’ time JD's closet was done.

Putting all the pieces together was pretty easy, especially when the lumber department at HD was willing to cut my 2 boards down to size for me.  I still have a few things I need to add, including some decorative curtains.  But at this point his closet is fully functional.  I'll post a couple more pictures soon, and stay tuned for our other 3 closets!

Materials Used
  • ¾” x 15-1/4” x 97” White Bullnose Poplar Plywood (particle board) $28.96
  • 3  1 ¼ Wood Screws $1.94 box
  • 3 Martha Stewart Fabric Drawers $20.94
  • 4  White Closet Pole Socket Kits $4.76
  • 12  Clear Shelf Pegs $2.64
  • 9ft Pine Closet Pole (1 3/8 round) $11.52
  • Drill
  • Drill Bit
  • Screw Driver
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Level


Monday, February 25, 2013

Bow Tie Baby Shower

My best friend Angie and her husband Alex are expecting the arrival of their first baby boy (they have three wonderful girls) any day now.  A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower in their honor!  I definitely wanted a cute boy theme, but I was more interested in using Angie's favorite color, red.  Well I decided on a bow tie theme and used baby blue, red and lots of bow ties. 

My friend and co-host Veronica had the brilliant idea of using a kite in the decor!  This made perfect sense, not only because kites make me think of little boys, but because we would also be able to use bow ties on the kite tail!  I do not sew, but hand me fabric, an iron, wood dowels and a glue gun and I can make you a kite (I can even throw in a few fluffy clouds). Just don't expect it to fly!

We had tons of fun games for the guests to play, thanks to Veronica, and a photo booth with props which everyone tried at least once!

Angie and Alex loved their baby shower and I actually managed to keep all the details a secret until the day of.  We all had a really great time and we can't wait to meet baby AJ!
Cake by Baby Cakes
Cake Pops by Sweet Shop
Bow Tie Cookies by Torrance Bakery
Popcorn by Popcornopolis
Cupcakes by Sams Club
Invitation (not pictured) by Delight Paperie
Striped Bunting Banner by What She's Got
Quilted Table Runner by Veronica Gallo
Kite, Clouds and Decor by Adriana of Quaintly Garcia 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

IKEA Tolsby Frames

I love IKEA!  Not only do I love their products, but their prices are just amazing.  When I came across their latest bit of awesomeness, I just had to share.  I couple years ago I used IKEA's TOLSBY frames for my son's Robots and Rockets Birthday Party, and have come across many parties in the last couple years that have also used these versatile and inexpensive frames.
TOLSBY frames where originally only sold in white, but now they come in 4 very cool colors, blue, red, green and orange.  Isn't that awesome?!  They're still only $0.99 per frame, and I have a feeling they'll be popping up as party decor very soon!
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