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How to get a free Breast Pump!

Yes you read that title correctly.  I didn't believe it myself.  I came across this Pin on Pinterest, and after reading the article I decided to check into it, and I was not disappointed.

The first thing I did after reading the article was call my insurance company, I have Blue Shield of California (HMO).  I called the member number on the back of my card and asked customer service representative if breast pumps are covered under my insurance plan. The representative checked my plan and stated that I was covered by my plan for any breast pump up to $169.  She then gave me a list of 5 approved vendors and their phone numbers (a few of them had websites too). 

I did my research and decided to place my order with Yummy Mummy, their website is great and easy to navigate.  I gave them all of my information including my medical insurance information online.  A week later I received an email stating they were processing my order (this happens once your insurance is verified) and about a week after that I received a shipping confirmation and my pump arrived by UPS 4 days later.  So, if you're in need of a breast pump, I highly recommend checking with your insurance company!


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I'm 33 weeks pregnant!

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I am happy to say that so far this pregnancy has been great.  We are having a girl, and although we are super excited, I'm a bit nervous because it's just been me and the boys (hubby and JD) for the last 5 years.  I've become very accustomed to super heroes, Legos and sword fights.  I recently realized we only own two Disney princess movies, Brave (JD loves archery) and Tangled (Flynn Rider is awesome), oh and I can't remember the last time I played with a Barbie!  But I will admit that shopping for a little girl is so much fun, I think she owns more dresses than I do at this point.  I really can't wait meet our little princess and I'm pretty sure her Barbies will get along just fine with JD's action figures!

Photography by: Kersti Kooiman


Monday, December 1, 2014

Diego the Elf is back...

It's that time of year again!  Diego the Elf is back and will be up to no good (ironic, since he's here to make sure JD is behaving).   Don't forget to stop by for a glimpse of all his "wonderful" shenanigans!


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JD's Ghostbusters Party

A couple weeks ago we celebrated JD’s 5th birthday!  If you follow this blog or know JD personally, then you know he is obsessed with the Ghostbusters.  So, when we asked him last year what he wanted to do for his 5th birthday we weren’t surprised that he begged for a Ghostbusters party.
One of JD’s favorite Ghostbusters scene is the library scene from the first movie, so I thought it would be awesome to have his party in an actual library, and Aba just happens to work at a school with an awesome library!
When planning JD’s party I wanted to make sure to include items and quotes from his favorite scenes, thank goodness Twinkies came back!

I also found some wonderful bakers/artist who really added a special touch to JD’s party.  Laura from Sunflower Bakery, who did an amazing job creating Ghostbusters Logo and Slimer cookies for JD.  The cookies were just perfect, I felt so guilty eating one, but I will say they were delicious!  Veronica from VLunas Cakes who created the extraordinary cake you see below, she never seizes to amaze me. Her cakes are a work of art, and they are so yummy (once you can bring yourself to actually cut into the masterpiece).  Big thanks to Nina Angie and Nino Alex for the cake!

We couldn’t have a Ghostbuster’s party without lots of Ectoplasm (slime)! Thanks Auntie Gaby for teaching all the kiddos how to make slime, they had a blast.

I think we may have angered the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with the S'mores Bar, but it was well worth it!
We couldn't forget the ghost hunt! 

That big smile says it all!  JD loved his party and I really loved planning it.  We all had such a Ghostbustin good time!

Cookies by Laura of Sunflower Bakery
Cake by Veronica of VLuna Cakes
Party styling, favors and centerpieces by Adriana of Quaintly Garcia
Ghostbusters figurines by Funko (Pop Vinyl) on Amazon
Ghostbusters Posters from Think Geek
Agate Balloons from Jeckaroonie Balloons


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

AJ's "Henry Hugglemonster" 1st Birthday Party!

This Sunday we celebrated my cutie patootie AJ's 1st birthday in a very "ROARSOME" way with his favorite character Henry Hugglemonster!

A million thanks to Veronica @VLunasCakes for this amazing Henry Hugglemonster cake, she is a true artist!

I have to admit I really enjoyed styling this party, although when my best friend Angie and her husband Alex announced the theme I will admit I was pretty clueless about this famous little monster named Henry (I live in a world of Lego and super heroes at the moment)!  But I am now officially a Henry Hugglemonster fan (I've watched a "few" episodes), It really is a cute show! 

Cakes & Cake Pops: Veronica @VLunasCakes
Props & Styling: Julian & Mommy from Quaintly Garcia
Shirt Designed by: Quaintly Garcia

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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