Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the incredible standing baby...

JD has become very independent in the last few weeks, although he still enjoys crawling around the house; he is much more interested in climbing furniture, especially when no one is paying attention to him (which is exciting and scary all at the same time). So without further ado, here is JD on his furniture of choice, daddy’s leather glider.

I got it mom!

Wow, I don't got it!

Hey, I'm standing!


Anonymous said...

Good Job JD!!!!!

Nino javyg

Adriana said...

Nino Javy, you do realize as soon as he starts walking I’m sending him to your house, just be on the lookout for Tornado Julian!

Anonymous said...

lol....No problem, I Ready as long as PS3 is at a height he can bring the house down. And after his Black Eye Peas dance, Con mas rason!


Nino Javy g

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