Friday, January 15, 2010

the mommy's new iPhone: Simple Soiree App

The hubby purchased an iPhone a couple of years ago and at the time I wasn’t really interested in having one (I wasn’t a techie-techie), I was pretty happy with my Erickson camera phone and my free Google 411. I changed my mind significantly in the last year as I watched how easy it was to find directions, look up businesses, restaurants, send emails and most of all take amazing pictures. Well, the hubby an advocate of techie-techiness, was sweet enough to give me his upgrade this year and bought me the iPhone 3GS and I’m addicted. I have come across some really cool and helpful apps (applications) and I plan on sharing them with all you iPhoners as I come across them. Here is one of the apps that I purchased for $1.99, it is perfect for all you party planners.

Liza'a Simple Soirée Party Planner takes the stress out of entertaining and puts the fun back into parties. It's an easy-to-use mobile app that you’ll have with you in your pocket or purse to keep track of party details. Forget a menu item or guest? No problem. Just add the information on the go!

Imagine…no more lists on scraps of paper around your home, forgotten details or incomplete shopping runs. Simple Soirée convenience means one place to plan your theme and menu, record RSVPs, and coordinate shopping lists and errands. It’s highly intuitive and flexible. The app also records your parties and events for future reference and/or use.


J. At Your Service said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? I don't have an iphone :( but man, for THIS, I would totally get one! I so need that!! I'm the party planning queen! (with kids, there is always a party to plan)Ugh...I so gotta change networks!

Veronica said...

Wow, that sounds really cool. Unfortunately my network does'nt carry the iPhone either. I am coinsidently getting my very first Blackberry today. I know, I know, I'm with you, I'm like 3+ years behind, but I was never a "techie", however now with my new line of work, I thought I could get real use out of one.
@ Jeanette...research the myTouch, I've heard it's really cool like the iPhone.

Veronica said...

Btw..I started my own blog too...check it out. You can follow me.

Adriana said...

Ya, the hubby has turned me into a geek! But I did hear a rumor that the iPhone may become available to other carriers soon.
Vero: you definitely need an upgrade, in your line of work (by the way, we may need your services this year). I’m so delighted you started a blog; it is a great way to express your feelings (it’s refreshing). We should all start a South Bay/LA mom’s blog network!

Veronica said...

South Bay mom's blog network would be soooo cool!! We should start & YES, it a great way to express ourselves,it definately is very refreshing.
BTW...YEY!! I'm happy to hear you may need my many reasons. I will be very happy to help out. Can't wait!!

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