Saturday, February 20, 2010

TPPM: Buckets, Pinwheels and Monkeys! Oh, my!

I had such a fabulous day today, thanks to my hairdresser, manicurist and above all my mom for watching JD and my amazing hubby who insisted I take a "Me" day! Well, my last stop on this wonderful day before heading home was Target (of course) and I have to admit I've had the best of luck this week finding party supplies for JD's 1st birthday party and today was no exception, so I just had to share!

 Colorful Buckets and Bowls
$2.50 buckets
$0.99 bowls
I'm going to use these for drinks, snacks and a few other ideas I have in mind!

Colorful Pinwheels
I'm so glad I found these, now there's one less thing I have to do myself, well maybe!

Monkey Banks
These were just too cute not to buy and I'm already coming up with a few uses for them!


Gabbie said...

Wow what a find! The party gods must be smiling down on you. All that stuff is so cute and will be put to good use. I just can't believe how easy you're making all this party planning out to be.

Adriana said...

I know! Everything has been falling into place so nicely! It always makes it easy when you make a plan and stick to it! But I also have a lot of creative co-planners to thank!

Veronica said...

OMG!! I saw the monkey banks at Target yesterday and got on your blog to tell you about!! I'm glad you found them! Did you see the banana banks? I also saw pillows and picture frames...I was like OMG! I have to tell Adri about this. You are definately on top of your game!! LOL.

Adriana said...

How funny! Ya, I saw all the cute stuff, but I’m running out of room Vero, I wasn’t even shopping for the party and there they were and super cheap too! But thanks so much for thinking about me.

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