Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Party Planning Mommy:Carnival Cupcakes & Monkey Cakes

For JD’s 1st birthday party the hubby and I have definitely agreed on cupcakes (I’ve had an obsession with cupcakes for a few years now, especially the ones from Torrance Bakery), so now I just need to decide on which cupcake accesorries I like more (I may just get them both); but we also want JD to have his own 1st birthday cake and I’ve come across some really cute ideas. Here are a few cakes that really caught my attention and I’m thinking of combining different elements from each one into one little cute and yummy cake for JD!

Cupcake Kits
24 for $11.95

This cake looks so yummy!

I love the number 1 and the letters on this cake!

I love the monkey face on this cake! 

This cake is so adorable!


J. At Your Service said...

Girl! Our ideas are so similar!I too was thinking of using the Meri Meri cupcake kit! Their kits are too cute!! And that bottom cake is really close to what I'm going to get Nate, LOL. Except, I'm having the decor done in butter cream, no fondant. Great minds!

Adriana said...

Ya, their cupcake kits make me want to buy cupcakes just to decorate them! But that last cake is almost too cute to eat! I agree about the buttercream, fondant will take the fun out of letting them eat it, but they always use it for show, thank God for Torrance Bakery, they do a really good job at making buttercream look like fondant!

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