Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine’s Day in the snow…

This weekend we decided to combine our Valentines celebration with our yearly trip to Big Bear. I love cold weather and I’m completely fascinated with snow (I was born in New York, during a snow storm). A few years ago the hubby and I went skiing in Big Bear and we made a promise to visit every year and so far we have, even last year while I was 5 months pregnant! So, this year was JD’s first visit (second if you count his visit while in mommy’s belly) to Big Bear and although he didn’t seem too interested in the snow, unless it was in his mouth, he still had a great time (I can’t wait until he is old enough to go skiing with mommy and daddy). We had a chance to meet up with the Lopez Family and that definitely added to the fun, watching the excitement on our kid’s faces at the Moonridge Zoo and listening to them giggle as they threw snowballs at us, made this Valentine’s Day, a day full of fun, laughter and love, I couldn’t have ask for anything more!

 Big Bear

Our little family at the
Moonridge Zoo



Gabi, Mari, JD and the hubby

JD and Daddy
(JD refused to wear his hat)

Mel making a new friend

Alex and Eve 

 JD making a mini snowman

 Angie and Eve
(she loves mommy's glasses)

JD all bundled up

the hubby and me

my Valentines gift, the key to my hubby's heart!


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