Thursday, February 25, 2010

JD’s Library: Si Le Das Un Panqueque A Una Cerdita

JD’s Library is definitely a work in progress, but it still doesn’t stop the books from pouring in. His latest book was given to him by his Nina Angie and it happens to be one of my favorite’s too, Si Le Das Un Panqueque A Una Cerdita (If You Give A Pig a Pancake), by Laura Numeroff. I own the book in English but I had no idea it was also published in Spanish, this is such a great way to encourage bilingual children. JD has started saying a few words lately (some in Spanish too) and with the help of his grandparents, who only speak Spanish to him and great books like, Si Le Das Un Panqueque A Una Cerdita, he will be a bilingual baby in no time!

Laura Numeroff


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