Wednesday, February 24, 2010

JD Loves Paulette Macarons!

This Sunday while visiting The Original Farmers Market, we stopped by Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Market, I love this shop and I always make an effort to stop by for their delicious French baguette, they have so many exotic and unique products, it’s truly a cook’s delight. As usual everyone in the shop was really friendly and JD made a few new friends and even managed to come out of the shop with a free Paulette Macaron (macaroon). The macaron was delicious, not that JD shared more than one small bite with me and then devoured it (he’s a Garcia Foodie already), so now we must go back and try them all!

Mr. Marcel Gourmet Market

Paulette Macarons

Big Bite!

That crumb on his chin was all that was left!


Mari said...

Your layout is gorgeous. You always find a way to make your blog look different.

Adriana said...

Thanks Mari, I wanted something fresh, bright and simple, I can't wait till you see QK's layout it still needs work but it's getting there!

Izzy said...

Hi Adri, how are you??? Wow girl, I totaly love the new look of your blogg.. I like the way you give options to view related post.... everything is so organized..
Like I said girl... you're such a natural... Always have new things to brighten any type of stuff you do... =) YOur cutie JD has some dreamy big eyes....

Adriana said...

Thanks Izzy, I finally get a comment from you and I only had to revamp my whole blog to get it, LOL! But that's okay cause I enjoy the text messages and tweets too! He does has big cow eyes, that's why he's such a brat, I can never say no to those eyes!

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