Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Party Planning Mommy: DIY Popcorn Bags

Once we ordered the popcorn cart, the logical thing to think of next was popcorn bags. I had such a hard time finding just the right popcorn bags for JD’s party, some were to big, others were to small, I couldn't find any  carnival themed bags I liked and I definitely didn't find any bags with a monkey theme, so I kinda just gave up; that’s until Mari suggested, I make them myself! So, I took Mari’s suggestion and plan on making the popcorn bags myself and I’m so excited because I can personalize them anyway I like!

DIY Popcorn Bag Supplies:

$10.40 100 bags
I ordered these bright red bags for JD's party!

$1.49 each

I love this font so much that I'm using it for JD's cake
and a few other little projects too!

$13.39 150 labels

DIY Popcorn Bags


Mari said...

Those bags are gonna come out amazing and I'm pretty sure everybody's gonna want your business card after they see this party.

Adriana said...

Thanks to you for reminding me that if you can't buy it, just make it. I should have some made lol, I already have two B-day parties for the Summer I'm working on, but I so need to get business cards for QK before March 30th. I can't wait!

Jhanelle Mellisa said...

Hello I know this was a WHILE back , but which size was it that you ordered from the site ?

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