Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank You Design Dazzle

During my lunch today I logged on to my blog and was pleasantly surprised to see I had a lot of comments to moderate! Well, if I would have taken the time to check my emails this morning (which I didn’t because I was running late) I would have read the wonderful email from Toni at Design Dazzle letting me know that JD's 1st Birthday Carnival Party was featured on her blog. I have to admit this really made my day, I cant thank her enough for the wonderful feature on her fabulous blog and for all the wonderful people that I’m meeting because of it. is an amazing decorating resource and the Design Dazzle blog brings attention to fabulous room designs, decor, kids parties, baby showers, DIY projects and creativity for babies, kids and teens. Thank you for the feature Design Dazzle!


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