Friday, June 25, 2010

Catch My Party!

About a week ago I received an email from Jillian Tohber Leslie, CEO of Catch My Party, a really amazing site that offers a place to display your most incredible party photos, party moments and party memories. Jillian came across JD’s 1st Birthday Carnival Party, loved it and asked if I would like to join her site and post JD’s party, I of course said “yes” and today JD’s party was featured in the party of the day roll. I was really impressed with Catch My Party; it’s unlike any other party featuring site I’ve seen. Catch My Party, is basically a social network/scrapbook for your parties; you start an account, post your party, customize your page and you can even receive comments from other members! If you love party planning, need ideas, or just want to display your parties, this is definitely the website for you. Thank you for the feature Catch My Party!

Catch My Party


Jillian said...


Thanks for writing about our site. You threw a great party and we can't wait to show off your next one.



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