Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Favorite May 2010 Pictures

The month of May was so busy and full of events that I didn't really have a chance to post every single one, so today I decide to do a little recap by posting all my favorite pictures of JD being, well JD! 

 JD's 1st time coloring

He's obsessed with mommy's iPhone

JD having fun at Benny's Party

JD loves doggies

JD and Daddy

Mari and JD


Tia Gabi's Graduation

The Garcias

JD and his big boy pajamas


All done!

JD driving his B. Wheeee-mote Radio-Controlled Car "NAKED" after his bath!


Veronica said...

You take the best pictures!! JD is so funny, I love his little personality, he is always so happy. Congrats to Gabi on her graduation. BTW..I've been meaning to drop off your canopy.

Adriana said...

Thank you Vero! He' such a ham. We are so proud of her, now she just has to decide where she's going for her masters. No worries about the canopy, I don't think we need it anytime soon.

Unknown said...

JD is adorable, and we are über honored to have him playing with our Wheemote Control car in his birthday suit. :-)

Adriana said...

@giselavoss, we love B. Toys! I have to admit he's not the only one that plays with the car, just not in my birthday suit.LOL

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