Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TPPM: Trader Joe's Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas

On my latest trip to Trader Joe’s I stopped by the frozen
dessert aisle and was ecstatic to find TJ’s “Gone Bananas” (small frozen bananas on a stick dipped in chocolate). When we started planning JD’s Monkey Carnival Party, we thought it would be fitting to have frozen bananas, but had a really hard time finding them pre-made at a decent price, well until now ($1.99 box of 4 at Trader Joe's)! So, I bought a box and hurried home to share my find and everyone agreed they were delicious and perfect for the party, especially JD (even after I peeled most of the chocolate off before giving it to him)!

"Our Lil' Monkey"

He seems to be enjoying his banana!

"Messy Lil' Monkey"!

Trader Joe's "Gone Bananas" could not be simpler, bananas and chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, sugars and soy lecithin), there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives and each banana is 160 calories. Stop by Trader Joe’s before they’re all gone; they’re a perfect treat for little monkeys of all ages!


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