Thursday, April 29, 2010

iPhone Apps for Kids: Talking Carl

JD loves playing with my iPhone, especially when he gets to scroll through his pictures (he laughs at himself and gives his pictures kisses); so I recently started downloading Apps that he can actually play with. One of his favorite Apps at the moment is Talking Carl. Carl repeats anything you say with a hilarious voice, he can also be poked and pinched and you can even tickle him to make him laugh out loud. JD loves to poke Carl and he laughs every time Carl says “ouch” and Carl of course laughs back, which keeps JD very entertained!

Talk to him and he'll repeat your words with a hysterical voice.
Tickle him and he will laugh out loud.
Poke his eyes and he will shout and yell.
Pinch him to hear him growling in harmony.
And if you forget him he will grumble.

Talking Carl is hours of laugh for children of any age. Parents, you'll love him too for the peacefulness it gives you while your kids are playing with him.But don’t try it! You’ll never give it back to them.


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