Saturday, April 17, 2010

Target: Fresh Grocery

If you didn't already love Target (like I do), then this new addition to Target stores will definitely give you a reason to make Target your one stop shopping destination.

Expect More Food for Less
To provide even more convenience and value, Target is responding to guests' wants and needs with a new store prototype that offers more fresh food in their general merchandise stores. This new layout offers basic essentials including fresh produce and fresh meat; comprehensive dry, dairy and frozen food assortments; and an expanded selection of convenience foods in snacks, beverages and candy.

I finally had a chance to visit one of our local Target stores that offers fresh produce and I have to admit, I was giddy when I saw all the great new products they offer; Baked goods, meats, vegetables, fruits and much more, at the same low prices they have throughout their store. Below are some pictures I took at Target in Carson, California (Carson Mall), doesn't it make you want to start your shopping list!


Veronica said...

This is def. going to make things more convenient. Can't wait to check it out!!

Adriana said...

Yes it is, I'm loving it!

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