Sunday, April 25, 2010

Target: B. Toys {Recalled}

*Since this post these keys have been recalled.

Yesterday I made my weekly trip to Target and came across this cool toy line called B. Toys, they have super amazing and functional toys in really fabulous colors and they come in ready to give boxes too! I purchased these cute B. FunKeys for JD, they have four fun car sounds, a push button flashlight and the keys are made of safe stainless steal, so they actually look and feel like real keys!

B. FunKeys

A little about B.Toys:
We create toys that inspire individuality. Our process? Part joy. Part mischief. Part serendipity. We want to be a voice that says to children it's okay to just be you!

Just B. Just You. B. You

We try, with humor and serious commitment (yes, the two can go hand-in-hand), to B. GREEN every day. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We eat, sleep and breathe this motto.

With packages made from recycled materials that are easily recycled again. And printed with soy inks and water varnishes. With toys that come in pretty reusable bags instead of packaging. Bags we hope moms will reuse over and over. With packages that reverse to become gift wrap. No need to buy wrapping paper!

And even when we’ve had to use plastic in our packaging, we’ve invested in #1 plastic – the most widely recycled plastic available. (Bet your town recycles it!) To us, eco-friendly is more than a stamp or a trend or a day. It’s a commitment. To the world and the children in it and every toy you buy form B. Toy's helps free children from poverty.


J. At Your Service said...

I like these too. Nate received the "Fish and Splish" boat for his's so cute!

Adriana said...

Aren’t they so cute! JD held those keys all day yesterday and kept honking at people. Lol

Gisela Voss said...

Adriana – thank you so very much! We love it when moms "get" our toys and all the love we've put into them.

As you said in your thoughts: "the fun days have just begun!" We wish you joy and laughter and the time to enjoy all the magical mommy moments ahead.

|B. Toys (B. loved!)

Alena said...

Sophia has those too and they never ever leave her when we're on the go. She loves them! And the strap is the perfect length for looping through the stroller straps so it never falls on the ground!! You should check out my blog in a couple weeks...some very exciting B.Toy things are coming!

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