Friday, April 30, 2010

Amazing Bubbles Bubble Generator

JD loves bubbles, every time he sees them he gets really excited and tries to grab them and like most 11 month olds he also tries to eat them (they usually pop before he does that). So, last weekend I bought him an"Amazing Bubbles Bubble Generator" at Target. The generator was $9.99 and came with a small jar of non-toxic bubbles and 6 Duracell batteries. It’s super easy to use, you just pour the bubble solution into the front of the battery operated machine and then it turns both on and off by means of a single colorful push-button on the top of the machine. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this little plastic machine, but boy was I pleasantly surprised, it quickly filled up are apartment courtyard with thousands of bubbles. It was so amazing that we have actually decided to use it for JD’s 1st birthday party too!

Amazing Bubbles Bubble Generator


Viv said...

Wonderful posts, as always! Hope you & your family are doing well! Your baby boy is a cutie. Thanks for always being so supportive too :)

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