Friday, January 21, 2011

Porch Railing Excitement!

I've realized that in the small amount of time we've owned our home, I find myself getting excited over things I never imagined I would. For example, we have a small porch with steps but we have no porch railing, it looks like at one point there was railing but I can only imagine what it may have looked like (our new home is over 50 years old). I had mentioned to hubby when we first moved in that a porch railing would not only look really nice but it would make our porch a lot safer; I even drove around the neighborhood looking at railings and ironically found our house's twin and it had a really cute porch railing! So, on Tuesday hubby took me by surprise, he had made an appointment with a company to come out today and give us a free estimate on railing. I actually wanted to call in sick today so I could be there for the estimate, I'm just so super excited about porch railing; is that weird?

Our Porch

What I would love our porch to look like!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love your front porch and the large windows that frame it! Also your border for plants and flowers is so adorable!

Adriana said...

@ Aubrey Thank you! I can't wait to plant flowers there, we have a bunch of shrubs right now and I just want to yank them all out! LOL

Isela said...

I like rails too!! but too bad my front porch doesn't have steps ... lol!! Are you guys planning on the iron rail or like the one on the pic above. I think both will look really nice..

Adriana said...

We are getting white vinyl railings like the one above, well at least I think we are. They're emailing us our estimate by tomorrow so we will see! lol

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