Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr. "Pa-Pa" Head

We bought JD a Mr. Potato Head for Christmas and he absolutely loves him, whenever he misplaces him he asks “Onsta (Donde) Pa-Pa” which means where's the potato? For a while we just thought he was asking for daddy (he calls daddy Papa too) but we eventually caught on! Well, yesterday I stopped by Ross during my lunch, just to browse of course and came across not one but three Mr. Potato Heads with over 40 accessories* and as you may have guessed by now I couldn’t help but to buy them for JD; now when his friends come over everyone has their own Mr.“Pa-Pa” Head to play with.

Tubby Tater
Officer Spud
Dr. Mrs. Potato Head

*Officer Spud and Dr. Mrs. Potato Head came in a set with over 35 accessories for $14.99. Tubby Tater came as shown for $6.99.


Veronica said...

I really love this toy! I considerate Mr. Potatoe Head a learning toy. JD will have so much fun! :0)

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Oh my goodness...what cute potato heads!!!!

Adriana said...

It is classic! Who knew Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head had so many careers! LOL

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