Monday, January 17, 2011

Eden Pendant Lamp

Lately I've become obsessed with home decor blogs and websites and have come across some really interesting ideas. Our living room and dining area are combined and we've been looking for a way to define the room and give each area its own personality. One of my favorite ideas has been to add a pendant light to the dining area, it's a great way to divide up the space in a large room; luckily we have recessed lighting and it looks like the previous owners may have considered adding a dining room fixture because there is already an electrical box with a wall plate in the dining area. So in my search for lighting (hubby left this one to me) I fell in love with drum shade pendants. After gasping at the prices of drum shades ($200-$400) for a couple of days, I was completely surprised when I came across the pendant shown below at CB2 for $49.95! I ordered the drum shade pendant about a week ago and it arrived today, I can't wait to install it!

 * Special thanks to Gaby for giving me a Crate & Barrel Giftcard for my birthday, I was able to use it at also!


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