Friday, January 7, 2011

MAMMUT Children's Table & Stool

This week I stopped by Ikea in search of shoe storage and instead came across the cutest little toddler table. I’ve wanted to get JD a toddler size table that he can use for snack time, playtime and arts & crafts and Ikea's MAMMUT collection is perfect for all these uses, indoors or outdoors; it's sturdy, water proof and easy to clean. Last night we picked up a table and a few stools in light green to match JD's (future) robot room décor, which also happens to match his robot birthday party décor, so we may just be using the set for his party too. Here are a few pictures of JD helping me build his new set; as you can see he put his table to good use right away!



Veronica said...

Don't you just LOVE Ikea? I always end up buying stuff I wasn't even planning on..LOL. Love this table set, its really cool! JD will use it for years!
BTW Love your couches!

Adriana said...

Vero, the funny thing is, I did'nt even buy the shoe storage! LOL He did'nt even want to go to bed last night, he just wanted to sit at his table it was so cute. Thanks, as soon as your done with your events, you guys should come by!

Veronica said... cute! Yes, I've been wanting to stop by....but the wedding stuff has been keeping me occupied.

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