Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Finds

I really don't miss anything about our apartment, even the fact that we now only have one bathroom hasn't really bothered me (one less bathroom to clean). The one thing I will admit I miss is the dishwasher, not because we actually washed dishes in it, but because we used it as a dish rack to dry our dishes and save counter space. Our new home doesn't have a dishwasher (yet), so I actually had to go out and find a dish rack (this was harder than it sounds). On Sunday JD, the Garcia Foodies and I headed out to the Container Store and Crate and Barrel and I found the perfect dish rack and a few other cool things too!
Bamboo Dish Rack
Crate and Barrel

Monster Fun Bowl and Spoon
Container Store

EZ Label Spice Labels
Container Store


Veronica said...

The monster bowl is my favorite!

Adriana said...

Gaby showed it to him and it was all over! Then we got home and he wanted Kix! LOL

J. At Your Service said...

That bowl is super cute! I might have to pick some of those up, for Nate's party! Thanks!

Adriana said...

@Jeannette, they would be perfect for Nate's party, they come in purple and orange too!

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