Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TPPM: Claw Arcade Game

Now that we can finally disclose where we will be having JD's 2nd birthday party, in our back yard (I really like saying that) of course, I will be posting a lot more party ideas. I bought this Claw Arcade Game on Black Friday and thought it would be a fun addition to JD's Robots and Rockets 2nd Birthday Party, I'm going to put a bunch of robot wind-ups and candy in it and the kids will actually have to play the game to win! I paid $17.99, but it's on sale now for $14.99 at
Retail Price: $24.99-$29.99
I paid: $17.99
On Sale Now: $14.99


Veronica said...

Super Cool! The kids will have a blast with this.

Adriana said...

I want to play with it now! LOL. Oh, BTW I bought play-doh, let's just hope I don't get "hood ornament" again!

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