Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our New Home

I really wanted to announce much sooner that we found a house we love in October and were in escrow, but it would have been a real downer if things fell through, so we've been keeping it a bit of a secret until we were absolutely positively sure the house was ours! I haven't actually mentioned that we were thinking of buying a house, because we honestly weren't, but somehow one crazy idea turned into another and we did!

Back in April a really nice townhome (we had been eying for a while) became available in my parents complex. We contacted our friend Veronica who also happens to be a Realtor and told her we wanted to put an offer on the townhome and so with her help, we did; but sadly a month later the seller went with another offer and we became the "back-up" offer, so we just decided to wait and see. Fast forward to December, the townhome still hasn't been sold!

In September the hubby and I had somewhat of an epiphany; we both just started great new jobs, we were already pre-qualified to buy a house and we had been willing to buy that townhome a few months before, so why not just get serious and keep looking for a house! We started working with Veronica again and starting touring homes; townhomes, little homes, big homes, fixer uppers, you name it we toured it! But on October 11th the search ended.

The house was described as a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, turnkey, great starter home in a nice neighborhood, it featured new dual pane windows, refinished hardwood floors, a nice layout, a beautiful backyard with a covered patio, fruit trees and it was absolutely move-in condition! It just sounded too good to be true and unfortunately it only had 1 bathroom (once you live in a 2 bathroom home, it's a bit hard to go back to just 1), but we decided to tour it anyways. Hubby was working late that night so he asked me to tour the house while there was daylight and take pictures. I asked my mom to meet me at the house and the minute I pulled up to the driveway I became nervous, it was really cute. When my mom and I walked through the front door, we were both very surprised, it was clean and bright and after touring the entire house, I couldn't disagree with any of the homes listing descriptions! I took tons of pictures and before leaving the house my mom and I knelt down in the living room and prayed, asking God for guidance.

I hurried home and uploaded the pictures I had taken, emailed the hubby and waited impatiently for his response. When the phone rang and the caller ID read the hubby's work number, I became even more nervous, I wanted him to like the house as much as I did. After picking up the phone and talking to him for about 5 minutes, I realized I had nothing to be nervous about, he was totally interested in the house, he asked if there was electricity (there was) and if so could we tour it together that same night; I told him JD and I would be ready and he could swing by and pick us up after work.

He picked us up and once again I was touring this house I had already fallen in love with just hours earlier. I tried not to say much, I just wanted to see the hubby's reaction as he walked from one room to the next; JD on the other hand ran around in his pajamas opening every door, drawer and closet and stomping on the hardwood floors amused by the echo. After touring the backyard and the garage, I finally mustard up the courage to ask him what he thought of the house, he responded “ I love it, let's put an offer in!” That night we put an offer on the house and by that Thursday we were officially in escrow.

Well today was finally that day we had been waiting for, today we received the keys to our new home. Now the fun begins, hope you guys will follow along in next chapter of our lives as we turn a house into our home!

These are the first pictures we took of the house back in October


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

cutesygirly said...

I am so happy for you and Noel. Congrats Adri!

Izzy said...

Congrats my friend!!! You guys are officialy home owners!!! Your escrow actually went by really quick. I am glad you guys had a great Realtor. (Hi Vero) =) I'm too excited for you guys!! Love you Girl!

Ivette Venegas said...

Congrats! we are very happy for you guys, its a big step;) enjoy every minute of all the work there is to come.

Veronica said...

I cannot express how HAPPY I am for you!! All I can say is THANK YOU for allowing me to take part. As a new realtor, I really appreciate the confidence you placed in me :) I am very happy with the results and credit everyone involved in your transaction, especially you and Noel. As you know it takes a TEAM of people to make it through the ups and downs of escrow. Congratulations! I cannot think of anyone more deserving of good things than you and Noel.
@ ISELA: Hi! and thanks, you are very sweet!:)

Adriana said...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments, our little family is completely in love with our new home and hopefully I can start posting more pictures soon! @Vero, I can't thank you enough for helping us find our new home and putting up with all our phone calls, text messages and emails, you are a great Realtor and an even greater friend, you and your family are always welcome at the Garcia Home and thank Rene and Benny for helping with the garden!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Adriana!! Your house looks adorable!! Best Wishes =)


Adriana said...

Thanks Sohemia, we are so in love with it! You guys are always welcome, hopefully after the holidays we will have a little shindig.

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