Monday, December 6, 2010

Safety 1st: Clear View Stove Knob Covers

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts, but this weekend has been extremely hectic; we moved out of our apartment and into our new home and we haven't even connected our modem yet (thank God for my iPhone). I have tons of things to post about, including a whole bunch of pictures, but I wanted to start with something important, safety! In the last month or so JD learned how to open the baby gate we had installed in the kitchen of our apartment, so we decided in our new home we would toddler proof the kitchen, continue to teach him about things being hot (he already understands that the heater is hot and completely avoids it) and send the baby gate on a vacation. We have purchased a few new safety gadgets and Safety 1st's Clear View Stove Knob Covers are definitely one of my favorites. Our new stove doesn't require us to push the knob in when lighting it, this makes it very easy for JD to turn the stove on by just turning the knob, so these knob covers are perfect, they are inexpensive, very easy to install and of course toddler proof. I'll be posting a few more safety tips soon, so stay tuned!


Theresa said...

Actually, I think the dishtowel is really pretty! :) Love that yellow. Did you make it?

Adriana said...

I actually bought it at Target, it came in a pack of 6, 3 flower pattern and 3 solid colors!

Veronica said...

I like that they come in "clear" now. They make your stove look bubbly and cute. btw...the dish towel is very pretty!

Adriana said...

@ Vero, ya I was suprised, they don't look that bad, thank you!

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