Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Party Planning Mommy: Lollipops

Everyone in the family has their favorite carnival theme ideas, so I thought it would be cute to post some of those ideas and give credit, where credits due! JD's Tia Gabi has had a funny obsession with swirl lollipops, ever since we decided on a carnival theme; she has taken it upon herself to buy a bunch of lollipops for JD's 1st birthday party and I have no complaints. I just hope we don't eat them all before May 15th. You can find most of these lollipops at Designed 2B Sweet, Oriental Trading Company and Just remember to hide them!

Thanks Gabi, you're a great co-planner!


Mari said...

I hope you hide those lollipops cause you know I'm gonna eat them all. I am at your house twice a week for ten hours.

Adriana said...

I'm buying a safe!lol

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