Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Party Planning Mommy: Jadetime Paper Lanterns

One of my favorite decorating elements are paper lanterns, they really add such ambiance and color to any event. When I started planning JD's 1st birthday party I decided I had to find a way to include paper lanterns in the d├ęcor and now that we’re set on the party location, I couldn’t help but to go out and buy them. I incorporated paper lanterns at my best friend's baby shower a couple of years ago, so I knew exactly where to purchase them this time around, Jadetime E. Gift in Chinatown.  Jadetime has an enormous selection of paper lanterns, in every size and color at unbelievable prices. So, today we stopped by Jadetime and stocked up on paper lanterns. I can’t wait to use them for JD’s party!


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