Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the mommy just venting...

So as you all know from my last post I have the flu, and we just got JD's test results back and sure enough he also tested positive for the flu (we are not surprised he had a fever of 103.2). I'm so depressed, I've experienced sadness and depression before, but I've never had such an overwhelming amount of it. Other than the occasional pregnancy ups and downs, I haven't cried, as much as I have in the last few days, for a very long time. JD is such a trooper, he lets us take his temperature (you moms know, that's no fun) and he takes his medicine like a champ, but the tears and pouty lip can be hard to handle, I keep thinking "I feel like crap," how must he be feeling. Well the last thing I want to do, is make others sad so I'll stop venting now. I promise to post some happier, or yummier post soon!


Jeannette said...

Aww! I feel so bad for you and JD! I SO, know how you feel! Tahlia use to get so sick, when she was a baby and it just tore me up! You just keep doing, what you're doing...take care of that boy! I hope you all feel better soon!

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