Thursday, November 19, 2009


This year for Thanksgiving I decided to use wine goblets instead of wine glasses (a wine goblet is really a wine glass that is able to hold a larger amount of wine, usually over four ounces). Goblets can be elegant but practical, especially because a goblet is a nice way for everyone to enjoy their preferred drink, without having to set out more than one glass (which leaves more room for food on the table). I found these goblets at TJ Maxx.

Capri 12 ounce Wine Goblets
$6.99 (set of four)

I also stopped by Target a few days ago and came across these plastic tumblers, which are perfect for kids on Thanksgiving; they're, unbreakable and super cute. I plan on using them as dessert glasses for warm apple cider or milk, for those non coffee drinkers.

Floral Double Old Fashioned Glass
$1.99 each


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