Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gewurztraminer: The Rock Star of Thanksgiving Wines

So what gives it rock star status? It’s the most versatile wine, pairing with turkey, dressing, yams and yes, even pumpkin pie. If you want to pronounce it, try "gah-vertz-trah-me-nur." The primary accent is on the second syllable, and the secondary accent is on the fourth syllable. If you cannot pronounce the name, just ask your store for that "turkey wine," they'll know what you mean. I recommend, Fetzer's Gewurztraminer Valley Oaks '07, it's a great (inexpensive, about $7 at BevMo) wine, it's a medium-sweet Gewurztraminer that is soft and easy on the palate.


Jeannette said...

They have it at Target too, in case you can't get to Bevmo!

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