Monday, November 23, 2009

a day with my dad...

Sunday JD and I went to my parents house, to have my dad work on the hubby’s 4Runner (his new toy). Although my dad works in healthcare, he is a mechanic by trade, he traded in his wrench for latex gloves about 20 years ago, but still enjoys working on cars (with latex gloves). As I child, I was my dad’s assistant, I grew up visiting junk yards, changing oil and replacing brakes; who would have guessed that I’m a bit of a grease monkey. So while JD took a nap with Aba (abuela; my mom), dad and I headed to the junk yard, just like old times. After we fixed the 4Runner, we spent the whole day hanging out together. I have to admit I was starting to miss those “daddy-daughter” days, so this was a real treat.

JD watching Abu attentively


Izzy said...

oh my goodness those are priceless times shared!!! miss your daddy too!! love you Alberto!! how cute!! xoxo isela

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