Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Cleaning & Organizing

It's that time of year again! Every Spring I get this overwhelming desire to clean and organize. This weekend I plan on tackling JD's very messy room. JD has managed to acquire so many toys in the last couple years that we honestly even have unopened toys stored away. So tonight I'll be stopping by IKEA and picking up a few much needed storage items! I'm really excited about using the VESSLA storage crates. These large crates are stackable (when used with lids) and they have casters, so they'll be easy for JD to wheel around his room. The RIBBA picture ledge is one of my personal favorites, they're perfect for frames and storing books, click here to see. The BYGEL hooks (placed at toddler height) will make it easy for JD to hang up his sweaters and backpack, instead of hanging them on the door... which drives me crazy. Have you started Spring cleaning yet?


Anonymous said...

Ikea really does have a lot of affordable storage! We are planning on reorganizing our son's room as well. I want that new five tier expedit for all of his books and toys. Those wheeled bins would be great for the closet.

Adriana said...

I love IKEA! Ohh the five tier expedit will be nice!

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