Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Now that JD has his big boy room, we also wanted to give him a little more independence and the ability to come in an out of his room as he pleases! We recently purchased this KidSwitch glow in the dark light switch extender and I have to admit it has been one of the coolest little gadgets we have ever purchased. JD loves the fact that he can turn his light on and off all by himself, we no longer have to turn it on for him and it's also helping us teach him how to be responsible. This gadget is inexpensive, super easy to install and works with almost every type of switch plate!
KidSwitch allows kids to SAFELY reach and operate room lights! No more worry about falling off toys. Parents don't have to constantly turn lights on and off for the kids. Kids learn at an early age how to turn the lights OFF when they leave the room! Very good for the wallet and the environment!


Veronika said...

Too cool! My oldest usually turns the lights on/off for my youngest but these would be good practice for my youngest! Thanks for sharing :)

Adriana said...

Veronika, and they glow in the dark! JD gets so excited to turn it off and on too!

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