Sunday, March 6, 2011

TPPM: Kid Friendly Soda Pop Bar

I've come across so many cute ideas for JD's 2nd birthday party but one that I really wanted to try is a Soda Pop Bar! JD isn't allowed to drink soda but he does love to drink sparkling water (which he thinks is soda), so I thought I would start with that and add some naturally flavored syrups to make his very on Soda Pop Bar. Then came the hard part, finding bottles; every soda pop bar I've come across has large glass bottles, not exactly a good idea for a two year old, so I started searching for an alternative and I found one. I found 8oz plastic bottles that fit perfectly and also safely in a toddlers hands and they arrived last Friday! So this weekend I began working on a sample soda pop bottle for JD's birthday party and here it is.
I will also be adding these kid friendly bottles to Quaintly Amusing very soon!


Isela said...

Oh my!!! These are awesome!! I really, really like these!! I want one for myself!!I really like that pic of JD with his soda pop. He looks so cute, and soda pop looks so yummy!

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

So cute I love those! Very retro!!

Veronica said...

You find the coolest things.

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