Sunday, March 27, 2011

Semi-DIY Side Table

This weekend I had a bunch of little projects to work on, but the one I enjoyed immensely was turning this IKEA BRATTBY kitchen cart into a side table for our living room. This kitchen cart was one of the first pieces of IKEA furniture we bought 5 years ago when we were married. It has functioned as a kitchen cart in our tiny back house rental, then an entryway table in our apartment and now a side table in our new home. Here is how I (we, my daddy and JD helped too) did it!

  1. Miter saw - to trim down cart legs after removing the wheels 
  2. Medium Sandpaper - to lightly sand the cart before painting 
  3. Spackling paste and spatula - to fill in any holes and imperfections
  4. Trim kit roller tray and paint brush - to paint cart
  5. Drawer Knob
  6. Paint & Primer In One- Color: Valley Mist



Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Way to re-purpose Adrianna! It looks great! Time to share some full room pics...

Adriana said...

Thanks, that was the exact word I wanted to use but my mom brain wasn't functioning today, LOL! I have two more living room projects and then I'll show it all!

Isela said...

I like what you did with this Adri.. I love the way JD looks, like he is taking mental notes.. on all that is going on with the process. It turned out really good!! GREAT JOB!! to all of you. XOXO

Veronica said...

It came out great! I may need your skills to re-finish my boys' dresser.

Adriana said...

Thanks, Isela and Vero! Vero, it's a date!

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