Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TPPM: Robot Invitation Inspiration

The one thing I've had a really hard time finding for JD's party are robot invitations. I've come across so many cute invitations, but none of them have that retro robot feel I’ve been looking for. For years I've made invitations for parties myself, including our wedding invitations but lately I've shied away from making them because they can be so very time consuming. Well, last week after taking a second look at a really awesome robot I plan on adding to JD's collection, an idea popped into my head; so I've decided to bite the bullet and make JD's robot invitations myself, especially since a smaller party means less invitations to make. Wish me luck!

Here is my inspiration!
Mr. D-Cell Robot


Isela said...

Adri, I am not major invitation maker... But count on me if you need help! YOu are very creative and you bring life to all you do.. So I know you will make the best invites ever!! I like the RObot!!

Veronica said...

You are right! Invitations can be very time consuming LOL. Can't wait to see what you are cooking up.

Adriana said...

Thanks Izzy! Vero, you should know!LOL I'm just glad I only need to make like 25. I had to order a few interesting things for these invites so I'm hoping my idea works.

Jesseca said...

I made the invites for my little guys party this weekend. I kept them pretty simple this year, but you're right. They are soooo time consuming. It's a little hard to stay motivated. I ended up recruiting my husband to help with party stuff. I'm excited to see how your turn out.


Adriana said...

Jesseca, I really did'nt want to make them, but the only ones I really liked were $6 each, just outrages! So we shall see, I'll prob ask hubby to help too!LOL

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