Saturday, February 19, 2011

TPPM: Creatology Robot Paper Shapes

This past week was an amazing "party finds" week! I found two great additions to JD's Robots & Rockets birthday party at Michaels Craft Store and a few other things online that should be here any day now. JD's 2nd birthday party is going to be a small party at our new home and most of the children attending will be around his same age, so I wanted to find a little craft project that would be fun and easy for toddlers. I was thinking of a build your on robot station, but was still working out the kinks when I came across these really cool Creatology Robot Paper Shapes at Michaels. The robots are 11.5 inches tall, made of cardboard and can be colored, painted, decorated and traced. Each package contains 12 robots and cost $2.99 per package, but with my 50% coupon I got each package for about $1.60, practically a steal!



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