Friday, February 18, 2011

Revolving Robots and Gears Box

Have you ever become totally obsessed with something and no matter how much you try not to think about it, you can't! Well, when I started planning JD's robot room I came across this really awesome wood Revolving Robots & Gears Box and I fell completely in love with it, I not only wanted for his room but I also thought it would be a great d├ęcor piece for his Robots & Rockets birthday party. I searched everywhere for it but it was either sold out or extremely expensive. This week I received an email from Ebay letting me know about items I might be interested in (based on my recent searches and purchases) and there it was again, that Robot Box (still expensive too)! I decided to Google it again while crossing my fingers and I found it at, it was the last one available and it was on sale for $48.99, yippee; so I bought it and I've been giddy ever since; I can't wait until JD sees it, he just loves “Wobots”!

Seven colorful gears and two robots simultaneously spin in this masterful Rocket Factory. Hit the switch on the rocket’s back and this all wooden factory goes into action. A special and beautiful Space Age toy for your Rocket Fan or Robot Factory worker. The rocket is blue with yellow, red, and yellow moving gears on a space base.

Wooden Robots and Rockets - Handpainted
Wood Robot and Rockets - Requires 3 AAA
Size: 12" Tall (12 x 7 x 5 inches)


Anonymous said...

that is adorable!!! Robots are waayyyyyy cute!

Adriana said...

Thanks Yuri, my son loves them so much!

Izzy said...

This Is soo cute Adri!! and totally fits the theme for JD's birthday...

Veronika said...

super cute and colorful!

Marisol said...

did you make the rockets?

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