Thursday, September 2, 2010

We love road trips...

I haven't had a vacation since I was on maternity leave, which I can't really consider a vacation since I couldn't actually travel anywhere; so we are finally going to take some time off! The hubby and I both started new jobs this year, so although we really wanted to take a vacation out of the country, we decided a road trip would be better idea, which actually worked out perfectly because my parents invited us to the Dominican Republic next Spring! 

We love taking road trips and living in Southern California makes for some pretty amazing travel. Our road trip is in two weeks and we've been getting our itinerary ready; we'll start here in Southern California and will make our way up to Monterey, California via Highway 1 and the US 101, making all the well known stops in between. We've also invited the Garcia Foodies on our little family's road trip, not only because they enjoy road-tripping as much as we do, but because they are always a great help with JD too! I'm really excited about our trip, this will be JD's first road trip and I'll also get a chance to capture every moment with my new camera.

Do you and your family love day tripping or road tripping? If so tell us about it! This isn't a contest, its just for fun! 

San Simeon 2007
This is my favorite road trip picture, we plan on taking the same picture with JD on our up coming road trip!

Add your your favorite day trip or road trip picture here and tells us a little bit about it! Your welcome to link back to and baby makes three... but it's not required.


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

My mom and I took that same trip with Coop when he was a year old. It was beautiful! And the weather should be really nice or you. Have a great time!

XxInKedxPinUpxX said...
so i didnt get to post my comment along with my picture, but this was a breath taking picture. This was my first camping trip ever i was alil scared because i thought lions and tigers and bears oh but it was a resort so it was away from harm so the river was a relaxing site and view but this is what i seen my whole three days... beauty!

Adriana said...

@ Kristin, thank you, do you have pics? Link up!
@ Liz, beautiful pic, I love it!

Izzy said...

My Picture was one of those days when we just get up and go.. This was at Bayside View Park in Chula Vista, CA

Muriel said...

It is so lovely up there, I can't wait to go back!

Adriana said...

Thanks for linking your pic, it's beautiful! We might be heading to Chula Vista this weekend, maybe we'll stop by that park!

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