Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Garcia Family Road Trip: Santa Barbara

Last Friday we began our four day road trip from Los Angeles to Monterey, California and we really had an amazing time. During our trip I took hundreds of pictures and although I wish I could post them all, I don't have that much time; so, I've narrowed it down to my favorite pictures and by the end of the week I will have more road trip pictures uploaded to my Flickr and my reviews will be on Yelp!



Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Love love love the pictures! Can't wait to see more!!!

Muriel said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Great shots!

Veronica said...

What nice pictures, and what a nice church, and the food, mmmmm, it looks so yummy!! I'm glad you had a great time.

coolkids said...

looks like an awesome trip! You made me super hungry! LOL.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a fabulous trip that looks like! Dying over the cuteness of your munchkin AND that delicious looking food!

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