Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JD’s Carnival Party: The Birthday Boy

Although I’m sure that JD had no idea that this party was for him, I really do feel that he had a great time. I was running around so much that I actually had no idea how much fun he was having, he mingled with his guest and he played carnival games and had tons of carnival food; I don’t think he sat down for more than a second and he didn’t even take a nap until all his guests were gone, what a good little host!  

The birthday boy...

Where is everyone?

I'll just snack on these tickets until they get here!

I guess I just have to be patient!

I think I see people over there...
Yay! They're here!

It's time to party!

I'm so happy everyone is here!

Let's say "hi" to everyone

I've got my tickets, it's time to play!

I love bubbles!

I like your style Lulu!

All mine!

I think I need a nap!


J. At Your Service said...

Really cute party! JD looks adorable in all his pics!!

Adriana said...

Thank you Jeannette, I actually have some really cute pics of you guys too, I’ll send them to you soon!

Naomi said...

He is so adorable, looks like he had a lot of fun. I love these pictures!

Adriana said...

Naomi, thank you so much, he really did have a lot of fun and I can only credit Cindy for the wonderful pics!

Unknown said...

Really great party, everything is so well thought out! I love the attention to detail. BTW where did u get the Yucktown Veggie cans, too cute!

Adriana said...

Thank you, Licia. I purchased the game on eBay, but you can find it a Party City for $12.99 (they also have the duck pond and the bean bag toss game), it comes with 6 plastic cans and 3 balls and the kids loved it.

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