Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Carnival Ticket Booth

Today I received a phone call from one of the vendors we used for JD’s 1st birthday party and he was interested in knowing where we had rented our Carnival Ticket Booth; I found this pretty amusing because my dad actually made it and when I informed the vendor of this, he couldn’t believe it. My dad can pretty much do anything; he is the most creative person I know! A few months I ask my dad to make me a simple ticket booth and this is what he came up with (below). Everyone at JD's party was really amazed by the ticket booth and even more surprised to hear that my dad was the one who built it; but I have to be honest, I wasn't surprised at all because my dad always puts his heart and soul into everything he does, even in a (not-so-simple amazingly awesome) ticket booth. Thanks Dad!
Please stay tuned for more pictures of JD's 1st Birthday Carnival!


Elizabeth said...

Love it! Being grandparents ourselves, we do the do the same thing for our 'Grands' We did a Jo-Jo's Birthday for our 2 yr old grand daughter and we had a lot, big top tent, bouncy, clowns, cotton candy, popcorn, to name a few but honestly we forgot the ticket booth. That would have worked perfectly with our layout. My daughter and I are starting a blog about the parties we have done and the ones to come. When we're up and running I hope you check out some of our parties. Until then, through out my blog are glimpses and some reference to them.

Adriana said...

Yes, good grandparents always spoil their grandbabies rotten! I will definetly check out you blog, I love parties!

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