Monday, December 28, 2009

Walking Wings

About a week ago JD discovered his knees and with this discovery he has come to understand that with a little determination he can stand on his own. He has already mastered walking in his walker (on grandma and grandpa’s lovely hardwood floors) and every time we try to sit him down he thinks its time to climb and walk. So this little apparatus is really handy in aiding JD on his newest mission, “walking” (thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Lopez for sharing this great invention).

Walking Wings

Help your baby learn to walk, the safer, more comfortable way! This unique harness allows baby to balance naturally and hands-free, for fast-growing confidence — without falling. It's healthier for baby's shoulders (no tugging on little arms) and kinder to your back (no more bending over!). With long, adjustable parent's straps and a soft, padded vest that fits 19"-26" chests. For babies 6 months and older.

JD strutting his stuff


J. At Your Service said...

It's crazy what they will invent these days!! When I first saw this, I was blown away! My version of this 6 years ago, was wrapping a long, thin towel around Tahlia and guided her as she practiced walking. I shoulda put a patent on that! LOL

Adriana said...

I know, its crazy; I really try not to buy too many baby gadgets, but I saw this one in action last year and was amazed! I was skeptical at first (I kept the box and receipt) but he really takes off walking when it’s on, I think it makes him feel like a big boy.

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